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sz. >> good evening. i'm dan ashley. the bombing in oslo, norway has turned into a massacre. the city where they
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hand out the nobel peace prize under siege today in two deadly attacks. police now say at least 87 people at least are dead. norwegian media say police have arrested this man anders pwairing. police have searched his home. they think he acted alone and not with any terrorist group. police say today's attacks are linked however to first blast targe targeting government building killing 7 people there. short tile later and short distance away gunfire at a youth camp. the death toll there 80 at least. here's miguel. >> the blast shattered this capitol city on asleepy friday afternoon. >> heard alike war scene from a movie. fire. people in the street. >>reporter: the street carpeted with broken glass. windows blown out. smoke rising from the center of town. >> you could smell the burning from the blast. >>reporter: it looks like a
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war zone. there was people running around with blood from their head. it was kind of panic. >>reporter: sidewalk quickly became make shift emergency room i. by stander help raise the injury and those who witness the carnage. the prime minister home luckily he wasn't there. also damaged the haet headquarters of tabloid newspaper l and smaller buildings near by. inthose buildings the dead and those 2 badly wounded if to get out. rescue effort lasted in the night while everyone else in oslo was warned to stay away from downtown. then 2 hours later on an island less than an hour away from the capitol a nightmare of a different kind. man described as tall and blonde police link to the earlier bombing opened fire on camp for teenagers learning about politics. the gunman dressed as police officer opened fire with an automatic weapon. people fled. throwing themselves into the water
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trying to swim away. when it was over, a witness described the carnage. 25 to 30 bodies strewn along the shore t.some floating in the water. if the nation prime minister was to visit the camp tomorrow. the gunman has been arrested. tl that's miguel marquez. police say they found undetonateed explosive on the island where the youth camp located. as for the suspect reports say he was shot and wounded before he was arrested. he is said also to be talking with police. 7 brian ross says he was a domestic terrorist. >> turns out to be a lone norwegian arrested believed to be involved in both the bombing and the shooting. said to be in his 30's. military veteran who has grievances with the government and now talking to police kind of norway version of timothy mcveigh american military vet who blew up the federal building in oklahoma city. >> remember that bombing was on april 19, 1995. tl. >> moving on. los angeles police tonight con firment arrest of 3 people in the
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beating of brian stow at the giants dodgers season opener in los angeles. they are 29-year-old pl sanchez and 3 30-year-old norwood of reality. charged with mayhem, salt and battery. 30-year-old miss sanchez apparently released on 50,000 dollar bail without being charged. >> with new credible information took a new path. today the thanks to thousands literally thousands of hours of investigative work, hard work of an elite competent group of investigators we can announce the arrest of suspect ins this case. if police think it's as important to exonerate the innocent as it is to implicate the guilty. this is not just a phrase. these are words that define the character of theless
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ang police department. if. >> today we are here to announce the arrest of 3 suspects in the brutal beating of brian stow. the but just as importantly i want to tell the world that ramirez is no longer a suspect in this case. >> that man proclaimed his innocence from the start as you may recall once arrested some time ago. there are other developments in the brian stow case and one is especially positive. tl john olson has that part of the story. >> a lot has happened since brian stow arrived at san francisco general and now family learned of the new arrest they got another surprise. at the hospital this morning stow tried communicating with a nurse. >> he said good morning brian and he was wide awake and he mouthed morning. and she wasn't believing what she saw so she got another nurse to come in. and he was respondin responding. >> but ann stow speaking to la radio station wouldn't specifically address the new arrest. >> my god everything is coming together by. everything is
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coming together. you know so we are excited. >>reporter: nearly three months after the santa cruz paramedic was severely beaten in the parking lot outside the dodger home opener, la police arrested new suspect in the case. yesterday morning officers descended on neighborhood in reality to and picked up 29-year-old sanchez and 30-year-old norwood. sanchez sister was also taken that custody unknown if police think she drove the 2 from the stadium that nature. she has been rae leased on bail. the new arrest appear to exonerate ramirez, the parolee who was jailed in may. at the time los angeles police chief charlie beck considered ramirez the prime suspect. >> but a significant, significant break the and one that will lead to successful prosecution. ramirez is on parole if vichlingts be sure it is the right person. investigate him before you picto
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be discriminated from everybody. >> right now we are taking it one step at a time. any civil action against any government entity is extremely difficult. >>reporter: attorneys for ramirez argue he should no longer be held in jail on the parole violation. as for stow, his mother says yesterday he gave a thumb up and mouthed his last name. the attorney representing the family in their civil lawsuit against the dodgers told me that the estimated cost of medical care over stow's life time is to be 40 million dollars. in san francisco, this is abc 7 news. >> and the case against ramirez stalled from the start. los angeles police took him that custody during early morning raid on may 22nd after parole agent raised sues nation ramirez might be one of the assailant. murlt pel witness identified him from photo line up but after scouring mobile phone records, thousands of image from surveillance camera if the acknowledge financial records and hundreds of other possible link and tips, detectives were unable to link
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ramirez to the beatings. while ramirez lawyers take issue with police handling of the case they also say it was not intentional. one of the lawyers said quote we believe they made a mistake. thought so from the very beginning but assuming reports are true it is the lapd who exonerated him so double edge sword and kudo to them for doing that. that is a statement from one of ramirez attorneys today. now without sufficient evidence prosecutors balk at filing criminal charges against hit. instead held on suspicion of violating the terms of his parole from a previous conviction. fire at retirement community in the east bay broke out in the garage at an 8 unit complex in ross ford. spread to the entire building destroying all 8 units apparently. one man heard a woman screaming for help. he got her out alive then proceeded to knock on the doors of all of the other units.
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apparently no one has been injured. we are glad to report but there were lieutenants of heroic in this case an we have more at 11:00 over on channel 7. we have a reporter on the scene putting some material together for you on this fire at ross ford in walnut creek. >> well an incredible act of vengeance in the east bay. police say a man was so incensed after kid vandalize his home yesterday with toilet paper and shaving cream that he took off after them and ram his truck that their car. the kids are friends with the man's son. the man was arrested for assault. teenagers were charged with vandalism. investigators now believe he shot himself by mistake. what they can say for certain is that the fatal bullet did not come from an officer's gun in the bay view district. the mayor got an earful from resident when he visited that part of the city today. tl vick lee has the latest on the story. fichlt stop the killing rate now from these youngsters
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in the community. we need job jobs. >> you know me. i'm not giving up on the community no. >> i understand that but it's not working man that's all. just not working. >> this exchange between mayor ed lee and community activist happened just before the ground breaking for a new library. if yesterday a new twist in the investigation surprised everyone. even the mayor. >> it surprises me what the forensic say so i'm probably like everybody else, wow! >> bullet which was rae moved from his head. >> medical examiner announced that the bullet which killed 19-year-old kenneth harding was not fired by a stand arrested police issued 40 caliber gun. that it was instead a 380 caliber round that struck harding in the head t.police have yet to recover that gun but investigators did find another life 380 caliber bullet in harding jacket pocket. chief greg believes he accidentally shot himself after he was hit in the leg by an
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officer who was returning fire. here's his theory. >> apparently the officer shot tl hit the suspect in the leg so immanuel if you would if an instant hamstring pain pull would cause the person to lurch and the gun entered the right side of the neck and lodged behind the cheek. >>reporter: seattle police say harding is a person of interest in a recent shooting which killed a young woman and wounded 3 others in that city a memorial service was held for the female victim. the chief says there appears to be no match between the gun used in seattle and the one here. >> we believe at this time it is of a different caliber but we are working with seattle on that case to provide whatever assistance we can. >>reporter: now a cell phone video appears to show the gun lying on the ground. police say that somebody apparently picked it up. chief said today that they have identified that person and they are actively looking for him. in fact, police are offering 1,000 dollar reward to anyone would
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can help locate that gun. vick lee, 7 news. a lot more to get to this friday night for you. tonight new unemployment numbers are out plus the call for fewer corporate break and more job creation. >> rarely seen footage from the archive of the bart system as it mark as new milestone. that story. >> and the redevelopment of an aging train station that could help put new life that an east bay neighborhood. fichlt i'm in the accu-weather forecast center. temperatures are on a downward trend as we head to the weekend.i'll give you a close-up look in my accu-weather forecast coming u up. >> thanks spencer. also tonight this man would think twice we sues pest before training again to the retrivia something from a manhole. news training again to the retrivia something from a manhole. news at 9:00 pass you.
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>> they were rescued. california screaming stopped on an automatic stomach when someone backpack fell on to the track. riders were walked down someone backpack fell on to the track. riders were walked down by ladder everyone is >> jobless rate at 11.8% up 1/10th. bay area unemployment is generally better than the rest of the state but in places like, bay point, san pablo, east palo alto and san martin it's 20 percent. and oakland at 15.4 percent. highest rate of any major city west of the mississippi. and that is where secretary of labor paid a visit today. defending against critic who said obama administration simply has not done enough to create more jobs in the country. story tonight from l laura anthony.
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>> labor in the house? >>reporter: at the oakland marriott u.s. secretary of labor hilda appeared before the asian pacific american labor alliance. to tout president obama record on job creation in a city with unemployment rate over 15 percent. >> in the last 16 months 2.2 l million private sector jobs have been created in the private sector. i'm not talking about public sector. >> everything he tried is a job killer. >>reporter: butal mead county republican party chair rose ann says the obama administration has delivered far fewer jobs than promised under the stimulus. >> first of all the stimulus did not work we are over nip percent unemployment still and many people unemployed. no longer above the toring lishtion after the speech more union members march from downtown saying and wealthy would help create more well
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paying jobs in the middle clas class. mean time emeryville secretary toured the corp are the headquarters of jamba juice a company that created 2500 summer jobs for young people through partnership with the obama administration. >> especially important in the tough economy that we see ourselves in. we are fortunate that our business has been strengthening and we have been to really rise to the challenge. >>reporter: critic of the obama mc donald's mrtion say much more has to be done to create new jobs with less emphasis on blaming the past administration for the current predicament. >> after pv i think he better start to own it after 3 and a half years. >> we need to do more. i'm not debating that. we know we have to. that's why we need cooperation across the aisle. >>reporter: even with the private sector gain secretary highlighted there have been large job losses in other areas particularly government which may account for the rise in
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unemployment numbers this mont month. in oakland, abc 7 news. tl in the mean time san francisco l mission bay biotech campus scored another coupe. world largest drug maker pfizer is opening the center for therapeutic innovation at mission bay. and first partnership will be with uc sf. new york base pfizer says it will spend up to 100 million dollars on joint research development project with uc sf over the next 5 years. encourage going news indeed. >> spencer is here with the weekend forecast. can't go wrong. weekend here. wait until you hear what the weather is. >> great weekend coming up. bit cooler than the last couple days but pleasant coast to inland. live view from the east bay camera in emeryville lacking back across the bay bridge and back towards san francisco. we do have a rather forceful marine layer that is pushing across the bay in. and move locally inland and cool things down a bit. pleasant
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weather right now temperatures are 56 degrees in san francisco. 58 across the bay oakland 67 redwood city if and 77 at antioch. they have been the warm spot and evening hours tlouvt much of the week. low clouds fog moving locally and slight warmer by 2 or 3 degrees on sunday. now the satellite radar composite image shows alignment of weather system that are dominating our weather scene. one low passed inland followed by another one. these systems are serving to reinforce our on shore flow cool breeze and cooling trend we are in rate the now so further cooling can be expected tomorrow. low temperature tonight will be mainly in the mid upper 50's. range we are familiar with now. been in the range much of the week and wide spread low clouds and fog during the overnight hours. 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning still low clouds around but slowly pull back to the coast by midday we see clouds lingering at the coast line but
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sunny skies will prevail inland and around the bay. high pressure on the coast right around or perhaps just above pl 60 degrees and 60's and 70's around the bay and warmest inland location will be in the mid 80's. and on we go to the south bay which is inland a bi bit. high pressure there reach from the mid upper 70's for the most part up to 78 at san jose. 79 campbell. 80 at saratoga, 82 los gatos warm spot on the planes we see 69 at san mateo and low 70's in most other locations on the peninsula. 60 at pacific kavlt 61 at half moon bay. downtown san francisco hay of 63 tomorrow f.if 61 in sunset district. north bay high 70 at sap are fell. 78 at novato. 76 at nap a.86 at clover dale and 92 way up north at ukiah. nearest bay high ranging from mid 60's to low 70's about 66 in oakland. 69 hayward. 71 in union city. inland east bay will be warmer but not quite so warm as today.
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we see mainly low 80's although dublin may not make it above 79 and intermonteray bay lack for high in the low to mid 60's near the basement inland we see 70 at gilroy and 80 at morgan hill. accu-weather 7 day forecast and we have some pretty mild weather if for the first 5 days or so inland high in the mid upper 80's around the bay. mid 70's on the coas coast. low 60's then start to warm-up a bit interthe end of next week. thursday friday we see inland high around 90, 92 warmest spot 80 around the bay and mid 60's on the coast. tonight excessive heat just a nice warm-up. >> beautiful thanks very much. >> talk about a tight situatio situation. this 21-year-old man was trying to grab his wallet which went down a manhole. he went in head first got stuck at the waist as you can see. poor guy. he spent about 40 minutes yelling for help before anyone even notice noticed. eventually it took 4 firefighters to pull him out. fortunately he suffered only minor scrapes and bruises. no word on whether he found his
9:22 pm
wallet. but boy that was awkward. >> dropping wallet. smashed wine. still ahead tonight. case of the 1 million dollar butter finger. >> plus meet the young new members of bay area firefighters force. they received a badge of honda. >> and the boy. the ball. the stands and what no one saw coming next. great story. stay with us. news at 9:00 i tell ya, i work a long day, every day. i hang my head out the window. oh man, we're delivering everything you can think of: plywood, cement. i, i enjoy the breeze on my tongue. well uh, and every weekend, seems like we're headin' down to the lake. we're pullin' a boat or somethin'. i don't know why. i just do. it's not a problem. i don't mind as long as we always stop at chevron and get that techron stuff. my ears flop around too. check it out. [ male announcer ] your car takes care of you, care for it. chevron with techron.
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ji youngest son of arnold schwarzenegger is in the intensive care quantity at the los angeles hospital tonight. 13-year-old christopher was seriously hurt while boogie boarding in malibu last wean. tmz says the young boy broke several ribs and has a collapsed lung. giants infielder pablo was honored by the fbi today for
9:25 pm
his work to help protect bay area children. panda has partner with the american football coach association the fbi and the national child i.d. programide 50,000 fingerprinting kits to kids in san francisco. the kits include a fingerprint i.d. card and dna swab meant to be completed and stored at the child's home. >> pl i will have this program. i will have this program. >> for more information about how you can protect your kids and be prepared for disaster or crisis of any kind visit abc 7 and click on see it on tv. well dozens of kids cap a week of real life firefighter firefightersing in redwood cit city. they graduated from the junior fire academy and democrat stated some of the skills they learned at this week long camp. what a way to
9:26 pm
spend your summer. firefighters paramedic taught kids between the ages of 11 and 16 what it is like to do their jobs. participant execute drills designed by firefighters including extinguishing real fires spraying a fire hose completing an obstacle course an climbing a 100 foot ladder on a fire truck. that's how they spend their summer. >> and this is a great story. young arizona diamond backs fan may have made the play of the week. he's getting national attention now for what he did during a game between the d-backs and the milwaukee brewers. watch what happened. >> when you good to the ballpark get a souvenir. look at the young fan. wait a minute. oh, boy. >> sour. >> he is sour as diamond fan got it not the brewer fan. about no. he's bumped out. >> are you kidding out. the kid is going to do this. >> that is big. >> oh, my goodness. >>reporter: wasn't that sweet.
9:27 pm
just a class act. he was rewarded for it. he and his friends got a quick l trip to the press box and autograph bat from his favorite player and ticket to fawch game. he later told a reporter that it was the right thing to do. by the way the brewers play the giants tonight in san francisco. we have highlights of that later on. way to go ian. nice kid. >> when we continue here tonight house speaker boehner is not at all happy after budget talks breakdown. >> they refuse to get serious. it is hard to understand pl why pl speaker boehner would want to walk away from this kind of deal. >> they are pointing fingers in washington once again as the debt talk turn in a debacle. >> supporters and opponent of don't ask don't tell won't have to pay attention to the the dizzy back and forth court development any more. find out why. >> repeal would take effect on september 20, 2011. >> plus one very high nrivrment man risking it all and stunt
9:28 pm
you have to see to believe. don't try this at home. stay with us. another half hour of news begins in just a moment ♪ [ woman ] sam begged and pleaded... so i sent him to camp. we'd earned lots of points with our new citi thankyou card... and i put them to good use. he told me about his bunkmates, and how he signs up for every activity. ♪ he even hangs out with the camp director. just like that. [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points.
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what's your story? citi can help you writ >> good evening once again. here's a look at the top stories tonight. at least 87 people are dead in norway after a homegrown terrorist setoff deadly explosion ins downtown oslo before heading to summer camp dressed as a police officer. >> los angeles police have arrested 3 more people in the beating of san francisco giants fan brian stow. today announcement exxon rates ramirez who was considered the prime suspect after his arrest in may. he remains in custody on a parole violation. be sure there is a right person. investigate him. before you putney picture on
9:31 pm
the tv and to be discriminal natured from everybody. >> meanwhile at san francisco general hospital brian stow showed some amazing progress today. his mother says he tried to say good morning to a nurse and he recognized his 2 children during their visit there. very encouraging. >> well in washington tonight set back in the attempt to raise the debt ceiling to keep the country from defaulting on its loans. both parties clearly angry and blaming the other for sudden breakdown in negotiations. as political reporter mark matthews explains they can not agree on taxes. >> debt talk broke down in spectacular form. >> i have been left at the altar now a couple of times. >>reporter: president said he was willing to take on more than a trillion dollars in spending cuts. the sticking point was taxes. >> we have an agreement. on a revenue number. revenue number that we thought we could reach based on if flatter tax code
9:32 pm
with lower rates and broughter base. >>reporter: speaker of the house boehner would not budge on eliminating bush era tax cut or raising taxes on corporations. >> if you didn't have revenue entire thing ends up tilted on the back of the poor and middle class families. majority of americans don't agree on that approach. >>reporter: bay area members of congress certainly don't. before the deal fell apart there were reports that any tax increase would be put off until next year. >> well this is total capitulation. may as well go out on the street and get run over by a truck. >> that's not balance. that is not fair and that is not the way we begin to dig ourselves out of this hole. >>reporter: on the senate side feinstein called the deal a non-starter. boxer said everyone including millionaire and billionaire pay their fair share. speaker of the house barren. >> there was an agreement on some additional revenue until yesterday when the president days manlded 400 billion
9:33 pm
dollars more which was going to be nothing more than a tax increase on the american people. >>reporter: president says bluntly house republicans are going to have to bear the responsibility. >> i have again out of my way total say that both parties have to make compromises. pill think this whole episode has indicated the fwrae to which at least a democratic president has been willing to make tough compromise. >>reporter: president is calling on speaker boehner and nancy pelosi and leaders in the senate to meet at the white house tomorrow morning at 11:00 a.m. the only remaining bottom line trying to feigned a way to raise the debt ceiling through the end of next year. this is 7 news. >> president obama officially signed rae peel of don't ask didn't tell today. his signature served as the former rae peel of the military ban on gay serving openly in the military. in a statement president obama called the repeal quote the final l major step toward ending the discriminatory don't ask don't tell law that undermines our
9:34 pm
military readiness and violates american principal of fair lness and equality end quote. former navy lieutenant and activist did you knowing held a news conference today to respond to the rae peel. she won a nearly three year battle to stay in the navy reserves after she revealed that she was gay in 1993. today she called the repeal the last hurdle in 17 year fight. >> so excited for our community and country because don't ask don't tell was a stain upon the democracy of the country. it did not, it was inconsistent with the value of the military. admiral testified don't ask don't tell the compromise integrity of the individual and institution. >>reporter: repeal will good into effect in 60 days time. if west oakland once a thriving neighborhood of middle class family. today however it is better known for high crime and shattered homes. but there are some signs of new hope in that part of oakland. as we report, a lot of people are looking to an old train station l to breathe new live into
9:35 pm
their community. >> when the southern pacific train station opened in 1912 on 16th street it was a bustling and grand gateway to the west. today it is a relic of by gone era. >> it was a very important place in a lot of people avs lives. >>reporter: 16 street station was the end of the transcontinental railroad. artery that link the east coast with the west. trips would arrive on the lower level and passengers walk upstairs to to waiting trolley that took them into san francisco or the east bay. >> you had l the great migration from the south into this area. but you also had the japanese people coming back through the station. you had earn area pine coming that way from the east coast. >>reporter: amtrak used the station until it was damaged in the 1989 earthquake where just a couple blocks away from where the cypress freeway collapsed. but when the community dedemand a new freeway built entirely somewhere else that meant the end of use if you feelness for
9:36 pm
this station. now there is a hope that an old station will be an inspiration for a new neighborhood. >> because it was a city landmark and listed on the national registrar we have been looking and thinking to feigned ways to reuse it. magnificent building. >> when the property was for sale the community asked me to really be sensitive to potential developers who would make that building be a coity resource in long-term. >>reporter: station and land around it was purchased in 2005 by a house developer. the organization has promised to make the old station the center piece of a neighborhood of more than 1200 homes it plans to build. >> i think that when we saw it was an opportunity to preserve an asset for the community so it's been awhile in the making but i think we are ready to move to the next step. >>reporter: that next step includes coming up with potential uses for the station and the grounds. thanks to a hollywood make over people will be once again allowed into parts of the building for
9:37 pm
limited use. hbo race interestly used the site for filming of earnest hemingway biopick. the restoration association for improving the landmark 16 street station or rail is mindful of the building past. keeping an eye on the future. >> from this point going forward i'm hoping that the same sort of rhythm that you hear from trains, the same sort of buzz, same sort of energy that you get when you go to a really active transit center that is correct energy will be the kind of energy that we'll have here. >>reporter: in oakland, abc 7 news. >> go back in time now for a moment. on july 25, 1951, 60 years ago, the california legislature created a special commission to study the bay area transportation problems. the solution would be bart. but it would be a few more years before tractor and crane would appear to do the digging and the work but when they did they were everywhere. we found some rare film of that and fascinating to see. here's
9:38 pm
wayne. >> ho, hum another bart train another delay. all so routine. wait. you might not know that this rail line is about to celebrate an obscure 60th anniversary. >> this is the anniversary of the state legislature creating the bay area transit commission in 1951. >>reporter: which sound to us like a good excuse for l old film. >> first let's take a look from the air. >>reporter: let's look at the mind set at that time because that 19 begun long before construction began, the world was different. when the state legislature first started lacking at another route across the bay, part of the concerns had to do with limitations of that bridge. it had nothing to do with cars. how about national defense? well i think during the war here the army was concerned that only the bay bridge was the primary corridor, direct corridor between east and west bay. >>reporter: mike is the institutional memory of bart.
9:39 pm
man who served 30 years managing the public affairs. not only has he seen this old film he can talk about it. >> there is a hot of controversy. >>reporter: resident worry about disruption from what may have been the biggest public work project in history. 5000 people spread out on construction site for 6 years building track and station across 75 miles outrageous cost of 1.4 billion dollars. >> probably the best investment the bay area has ever made. >>reporter: imagine what it might cost today to drill a tunnel through the berkeley hills and hire pwevlt lehim steel and float each section into place and divers connect them precisely in a trench beneath san francisco bay. >> i consider it one of the engineering marvels of the world. >>reporter: marvel a back drop we now take for granted in our daily commute. so think about that on monday as you ride your next bart train and wish the system a happy conceptual 60th birthday. . in san francisco, abc 7
9:40 pm
news. remarkable foot annual. so much more of those film that we would love to show you. we don't have time here but if you want to look on our web site. we have a link to some of those fascinating pictures from way back when. well if you think you are opting out think again. stanford researcher track the internet tracker. find out what they found. >> plus your chance to see 2 of the biggest summer music >> plus your chance to see 2 of the biggest summer music festiv
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gee because news for a few moments. bloomberg news reports tonight that apple may put in a bid for huell you on line service where you represent or buy video. bolsternd help apple compete with netflix more ably. speaking of flight flicks they create add new division to handle dvd rental and moving it from corporate headquarters in los gatos to san jose. talk about on line activity. big brother may still be watching you even after you have asked him to stop. new stanford researcher found many on line advertising company continue to follow the web activity even after user believe they have opted out of tracking. the researcher looked at 65 on line companies including big ones
9:44 pm
lake google and smaller lesser known company. they found that half the company continue tracking even after customer opted out. privacy groups some members of congress called for a do not track law similar to the do not call list. >> hers something that shouldn't get you any unwanted attention when on license. able to check out the foo fighter, eminem and other group playing hear for free and without leaving your home. you tube will live stream 2 of the summer largest music if he is have, chicago one in august and austin city limits in septembe september. also a if he for interviews and the back stage area if you want to check that out. well, you know the old saying there is no use crying over spilled milk but what about spilled wine especially when it is worth 1 million dollars? unsteady forklift dropped container full of fine australian wine smashing most of the bottles. spencer in tears over here as wine guy. the owner of the whip company says it was lick a murder
9:45 pm
scene. red everywhere. accident demolish all but one of the 4 62 cases bound for the united states and each bottle says for 200 dollars. the owner sparky says he is gut wrenched shock and numb by what happened. wipe was fully insured so not a totalless for him. >> coming up here. free falling. big time. daredevil jumper leaping from 7000 feet inches from death as he performs his scariest stunt ye yet. go along for the ride as the news [ female announcer ] at jcpenney, we're giving you a big thank you this friday and saturday! just use your jcpenney rewards credit card to save an extra 20% on all your favorite brands, including home! no exclusions! go to to see everything on sale. we make style affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney.
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a big thank you this friday and saturday! just use your jcpenney rewards credit card to save an extra 20% on all your favorite brands, including home! no exclusions! go to to see everything on sale. we make style affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney. >> weekend arrived much let's go back to spencer to update the forecast one last time. >> not soon enough hats the weekend arrived. let's look at the composite image. series of low pressure system manufacturing in from the pacific northwest. reinforcing the cooling trend actually began near the coast yesterday and will continue through tomorrow even in the inland areas. nice little sea breeze developing. low clouds and fog moving inland overnight. pull back to the coast lane tomorrow by midday or so. left with clouds clinging to the coast. high pressure there mainly in the low 60's. see 60's and 70's around the bay and 80's in the warmest inland location. here's our 7 day forecast. next 5 days or so inland high in the mid to upper 80's. mid 70's around the bay and rate around 60 on the coast. start
9:49 pm
to warm-up again next thursday friday not heat wave. but we see high back around 90 degrees inland 80 around the bay and mid 60's on the coast. >> not unbearable at all. >> not at all. >> thank you very much. >> now to guy who looked up at the bird when avenues kid and dreamed of flying. but as jay reports, unlake the rest of us he is living out his dream and taking unbelievable risk that will make you gaps. watch. >> jeff is insane. insanely committed to facing his fears. this jump is rushing him towards the biggest risk of his career. >> i think courage comes from a person who acts in spite of fear. if you are scared of something yet you still push yourself flight and do it to me that's special because that means l it's n easy for you. it's hard in. switzerland with a swing suit he leaped from a 7000 foot cliff. if target?
9:50 pm
tl the balloon in the hand of one of his ground crew rocke rocketing by at 120 miles per hour. miscalculation of inches could prove fatal for him and his assist taichbility i want to see how close i can get to flying over a person's head. four feet over the head. 3 feet over the head. >>reporter: as he approached the man on the ground it suddenly looked like he was coming in too low. too fast. if these are the cold jagged ridges of switzerland mountain where he practice for most dangerous stunt of his life. if in september in china he will attempt to rocket through this hole in a mountain. threading the needle or dying. >> i'm going dropping out of a helicopter around here at about 2,000 feet above the cave. then i fly towards the cave and i'm come through the cave going this direction the right around
9:51 pm
here. flying if through the mountain and coming out on the other side of the mountain. >>reporter: this is a single most difficult thing i have ever tried to do ever. his training here in the alps nearly as dangerous. to perfect his skills flying precisely just grazing objects and people he first aims for a water fall. splashing through the bull's eye. now plucking those balloon right out of the hand of his crew. him if. >> this is without a question the closest i have ever come on purpose. about. >> boy there is no margin for error. he says he's just learned to control his considerable feevrment that is control. that is hard to watch. >> you know what i like about this job is i can mess up a score and tl not die. he makes one mistake. >> no margin for error. they have been killed.
9:52 pm
>> wow! >> that is amazing courage. amazing. giants open series with milwaukee tonight. some of the best action actually came in the stands. check it out. it's a home run. yes. yes. oh, dude. there goes your food. oh. sorry about yes. oh, dude. there goes your food. oh. sorry about that. if sports is next
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
>> coming at 11:00. delayed a year maybe longer. problem holding up a bay area commuter rail system approved by voters years ago. >> alaska of kindness at the
9:55 pm
ballpark. young fan play of the week will have more on that story coming up on 7 news at 11 over on channel 7. joins. great story. more than we did tonight on that. that that was a is in gesture. >> it's worth staying up to watch. that giants welcome first place brewers to town. challenge for the giants is get runs against shawchbility newest giant. jeff. from houston making first start tonight. milwaukee matt in the sec. breaking ball. one run in. white side a missile from ross and can't hold on to it. another run in. brewers built a lead in the third. a little help from crawford. swirl swirl expires and former a to the z.not any more. aaron high and deep and goodbye. 4-2 now but the real fun is in the crowd. guy in the jacket he's ecstatic. lack. home run. oh, knocks over the food. sorry dude. now the crowd
9:56 pm
really got into this game yelling at center fielder morgan who runs down this ball and then tl the hook them horn gesture there. that young man needs to calm down a little bit but the brewers win the game 4-2. l a's in new york where still a lot of love format sue i. a's with support for trevor early. base hit. jackson and a ps up in the sec. then things go terribly wrong. the bo-5 rbi in the game. yankees implode. 5 times in the secon second. 9 more runs in the third. this is grand slam for mark p.10 earned run allowed in two runs and yankees hot and beat them for the seventh straight time. more trouble in donor land today. judge rejected the team proposed 150 million dollar bankruptcy financing plan. instead the
9:57 pm
june directed the franchise and frank to work out a loan with major league baseball. dodgers previously rejected baseball offer revving to negotiate with bud selig and company. on to the nfl. no news is not necessarily bad news on the labor front there. there was hope the players might vote on the new collective bargaining agreement today that did not happen. many of the key figure in the negotiations were at the funeral of miss craft today the wife of patriots owner bob craft. players said they wouldn't make any labor announcement out of respect for the crafts. player rep will talk this weekend. they may vote by monday. 49 ers player rep spike told espn the owner final proposal included some things that were never discussed. >> when you go through a deal like we are going through right now you can't give us a time lane to agree on something that never was even talked about. so that's why you see this where guys are going off mad. rightfully so. because you feel like that your spwel
9:58 pm
engines insulted. so we are going to take our time an do the right thing to make sure we educate the rest of the players before decision is made. >> while owner wait on the players fans wait on both, there's another group that is affected by the lock out. undrafted rookie free agent like rovs out of cam. for months working out of group out of former college and nfl players hoping they are going to get a call for a try out once the lock out is over but the longer the stalemate the less chance that ross has to get a fair look from nfl teams. >> a lot of veteran 43 agent out there as well so there's a chance that the team may want to go for them because they are already polished. in the league for awhile. sfm my situation coming straight out of college but i guess the biggest thing is challenge so we have to not get sway by emotion and circumstance and stay grounded and l if control
9:59 pm
attitude aevrntd. >> hopefully he will get his chance. >> new man on top at the tour did he frns leader thomas can't keep pace in the mountains. stage 19. final day in the alps. 68 miles up. if french man pierre holds off to win the stage but new over all leader andy who took the yellow jersey. leads his own brothers by 53 seconds. fell fell to fuvrment european theme kept. bring issue senior open big day for american lee rinker on approach on 15. hits the flag stick. birdie the hole 7 under. mark also there as part of 3 way tie top the leader board heading that the weekend >> we have a little bit way to go in the nfl lock out who knows what the players will decide. >> i think they are going to make progress. everybody will calm down and get it done but it's not a fast process. >> all right. that is our report thanks for watching for larry, spencer dan appreciate yoim

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